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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stay Dead (Book One) Print Edition now available

So for a while I didn't care to have a print edition of any of my written works. Not entirely sure why, as I still love printed books, so when I was finished with The Dead & The Dying (Stay Dead Book Two) I decided it was time. I personally want to see them sitting on my shelf--whether or not anyone else does. And I decided to go back to my original Stay Dead logo. I also changed the cover and brought in an Editor for the series--Adam Staffaroni whom I've worked with at DC Comics and BOOM! Studios. He's now going over Book Two and I hope to be publishing it soon--like in a month soon. So if you've enjoyed Stay Dead and want to grab a print edition you can get it from either of these links:

 I thank you in advance, and I hope you look forward to Book Two. Book Three is already in progress too!


Darryl Pierce said...

Excellent news! Looking forward to getting a hard copy of the books. Can I get them signed?

Swands said...

You most certainly can. Once book two is wrapped and I get some copies I'll send them both over.